Now, it may seem a curious thing to say by way of introducing my “4-Seasons’ Tree” paintings, that they essentially entail the same as my farming and growing, as few people know the difference between – a) trying to make a living from growing and retailing organic vegetables, potatoes and apples, and b) painting trees without making a living – better than myself!  Economics don’t come into it.

Both have their origin in the “place” that shaped my belief in staying close to basics and not losing touch with the essentials that determine our lives on this planet. While the one engages with the practicality of growing food (try living without that…), the other is attempting to understand the bigger picture and context (could you live without THAT?) by somehow visualizing it within my means.


4st no.3

4st no.18 4st no.31


The series changed of course as I painted my way through it.  As this process continues with new pieces being added, older ones “fall by the wayside” regarding my interest in them. That’s why I decided to show the series as it is at the moment – before the newly emerging work is too far removed from the earlier pieces.

As part of the exhibition I will show my “Underground” series, because a few paintings belonging to it are part of the 4-seasons’ cycle as well.

Then, a few pieces are included that connect easily with all the above, even if it is only because they have trees in them… .

Consisting mostly of paintings in acrylic and ink in combination with oil crayons or -pastels, the show will have a few colour pencil drawings, dry point etchings and pieces of “mixed media” – always a handy way to avoid description – included, plus one unlikely sculpture.




…and a few shots from the opening, photos courtesy of Lola Delton:



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