This is not about social underground, or political, or economic, linked to black market and all that.

Plenty visual comments have been attempted on that theme, with more or less success.

I don’t know how many different undergrounds there are.

Having given my last 30 years growing organic vegetables, potatoes and apples entailed spending considerable time weeding.

All added up it would amount to months, maybe a year, solid? I don’t know.

Often, while spending all this time on my hands and knees, I found myself imagining what’s “down there”.

This wonderful soil that feeds us all, subsoil and down to parent rock.

Roots finding their way down through fertile crumbly soil, between sand particles and around all sizes of stone and other obstacles.

And funny enough, in all these years, I never got used to walking on open soil without reservation, because of its vulnerability without plant cover.  Not to mention the use of a tractor to produce more in recent years , which is even under ideal conditions nothing but brute force.

But back to this “Underground” series: it has to be seen quite un-metaphorically, taken literally as under – the – ground.

The visualised geological musings of a gardener.

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