THE LONG VIEW – behind the wall paper

Interesting for the viewer – as well as the maker – is a factor of time playing into this, as the physical length of the paper alone doesn’t allow for reading it in the same way we look at a picture. An immediate overview isn’t possible and makes a stringing together of the imagery necessary, a sort of movie on paper, it acquires some semblance of a story (narrative would be the fashionable arty term…).

These long drawings, all on the reverse side of rolls of wall paper, are virtually unsellable (who can afford a 5m long drawing and has the room to display it?) and as such wonderfully liberating for the maker without the pressure to perform.

The freedom as it were, of having no one looking over your shoulder.

Clicking on the image will open it on a black background where at the bottom right corner shows “view full size” – in blue when hovering over it. This will open a new window where you can enlarge with Ctrl+ and scroll the full length of these paper strips to appreciate detail.