While a catalogue and portfolio for my purposes, this collection of images of visual work of mine may well serve as an informal picture book at the same time.

Some images are connected visually through chosen imagery or the medium used, or by topic and ideas, naturally.
But because of the wide spectrum of techniques alone – drawings, paintings, collages, graphic work, prints and their inevitable blend – there is no picture book consistency.

No story line either –  pictures, for the potential enjoyment of just looking.

To keep visual pollution as low as possible, only images with a clear title have that added as a caption. As a rule  these “titles”, depicting or describing a specific idea, are there first. Then the process of translating the idea into some appropriate form of visual language or say, expressing the idea visually, begins. Not the other way round – though even the clearest ideas, embedded in workable practicalities inevitably fluctuate with the process.

Also for reasons of visual cleanliness and simplicity no dimensions are given or reference made as to media, technique or price with the pictures.  Should such information be important for you, concerning a particular image or in general, simply contact me.

Compiling the material is work in progress and will continue with planned additional pages and adding to existing ones. So if anything takes your fancy on these pages you may consider sharing your excitement and visiting every so often to discover most recent additions.

Your visit is very much appreciated    –    thank you.

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