Arclabs – WIT

I want to open this post about my ArcLabs, WIT West Campus exhibition with expressing my thanks to Jimmy Liu and Aisling O’Neill, both of ArcLabs, initiator of the show and manager of the place respectively! Grateful that Jimmy thought of me regarding the January to March window for showing some work of my own choosing, accompanied by Aisling’s enthusiasm about what she saw in what I was doing. Thanks also to Patrick Browne for the photography!

Personally I am very pleased that the available space for the exhibition allowed for hanging two of my long paper strips, 6.7 and 4.3 metres, if I remember correctly, which are generally plain awkward and “unexhibitable” (as well as unsellable) , as interesting as they may be.


Picture: Patrick Browne


Picture: Patrick Browne


Picture: Patrick Browne

Though opening the announcement of this show with the acknowledgments due, I don’t really see what else I could possibly say, as it is an exhibition – an oversized word in itself – of visual “stuff” to be looked at, not talked about.

I‘d be happier answering concrete questions on the afternoon of the opening on the 22. February, for which all the details & directions are in the following link along with a registration form to give us estimation of numbers – tea cups and all that.

I’m hoping – a contradiction in itself – for a large crowd with modest expectations…

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