first shows Bassersdorf & Frauenfeld

Of my very first show, shared with Mona Miksicek, a paper cut and puppet shadow theater designer, held in my home town of Bassersdorf back in about 1981,  I have unfortunately no records left except what I had hanging and which pieces were sold.   I vaguely remember it being a half hurried affair in direct connection with being absent during the actual show.

From early 1983 however I have material relating to a shared exhibition with my close friend Armin Haltinner which we were able to hold in the perfect venue of the “Torggel”,  a restaurant that housed its own gallery in a vaulted cellar. The town of Frauenfeld is located about halfway between Zurich and St.Gallen, slightly north.

Showing here our exhibition poster, exhibited media and techniques framing the reverse side. It served when folded, stamped and addressed also as invite.

We were very pleased with a review that highlighted our main concern of staying versatile in the use of different media.  Particularly as we went through some pains to accommodate a vast mix of material between the two of us to allow the showing of as broad a spectrum as possible without the show falling apart. We felt the reviewer had made an effort and taken his time closely observing, to have highlighted precisely what had been on our minds.

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